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The days of summer are upon us, when time slows down and the world is set aglow. When nature fills us with rapture and warmth infuses our souls.

It is a time to pause—to breathe in fresh air and breathe out your wildest dreams. To dig your toes in the sand and hum along with the trees. To put a flower in your hair and chase the radiant sun. To celebrate laughter and revel in effervescent fun. 

Summer is a time for reflection. For imagination. For adventure. For love. For creativity. And for finding inspiration.


For grace, glory, & good times…introducing: Indego Africa x Cult Gaia!

These days the splendor of summer is at our fingertips and we have the perfect way to celebrate: Indego Africa x Cult Gaia turbands!

Cult Gaia is an off-kilter, whimsical brand that celebrates the exploration of fantasy, fun, and everyone’s inner rebellious charm. We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with them on a collection of brightly patterned turbands combining classic Indego Africa textiles with CultGaia’s distinctive spunky and fanciful edge.

These versatile headpieces are a celebration of individuality – the romantic, the rebel, the free spirit, the dreamer, and the inner child in all of us. As summer envelopes us in its warm languor, let time stand still and revel in the beauty, grace, and glory of each moment being alive.  

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Good Bye Yves!

We are sad to say goodbye our team member, Yves Ndashimye, as he leaves Indego Africa to pursue a new job opportunity…in Singapore! Yves has been with Indego since almost the beginning, starting out as Generation Rwanda trainer and transitioning in 2011 to work full-time as Indego’s Accounting and Operations Associate.

Here's what Yves had to say about his favorite moments at Indego:

"The Anthropologie order was one of my favorite moments at Indego because it helped some of the women buy their own property and brought them to a new level of financial success.

I loved being in front of the women when I was a Business Management trainer. I liked the way we shared our life stories and gave advice to one another.

I also loved working with people from different backgrounds and cultures throughout my time at Indego."

From balancing the books to managing our {many} shipments from Rwanda to the U.S., Yves has always greeted every task with a smile. We greatly appreciate his unwavering dedication to Indego Africa, and wish him the best as he continues on in his professional journey as a bright young leader! 

Bon Voyage Yves! 

Mother’s Day

It is a truth universally acknowledged that moms are awesome.

While we should recognize this fact every day, Mother’s Day provides us with a special occasion to reflect on and share just how awesome they are.

At Indego Africa, many of the women we partner with are mothers, in addition to being talented artisans, entrepreneurs, and community leaders {the list could go on.} It is inspiring to see their steadfast commitment and determination to providing their children with opportunities—to carving out a future for them in which anything is possible and dreams are only waiting to be chased. 

We wish to honor the sacrifices they make on behalf of their children, and express our profound appreciation for the hard work and love that they put into every product they make. You can feel this story of motherhood in every stitch.

Happy Mother's Day!