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Meet Josepha!

Meet Josepha: weaver, mother, entrepreneur, and one of our newest artisan partners in Rwanda! Josepha is the amazing talent behind several woven items on our line, including our mini raffia tassel peace baskets, back-to-basics peace basket collection, and more.

Before partnering with Indego, Josepha used to work by herself. Struggling to earn enough income to support herself and her seven children, she often resorted to peddling her products on the street—something which, on more than one occasion, got her into trouble with the police.

Josepha began partnering with Indego Africa in late 2015 in the hopes of getting consistent orders for her products and building her own artisan cooperative.

Today, she employs 10 other women and is thrilled about the direction her business is taking. She feels happy walking into work every morning knowing that she is earning a steady income and that people around the world are interested in her products! For many of our artisan partners, it is a source of immense pride to be able to sell their products internationally and to create truly beautiful pieces for a global audience. 

Josepha said:

I like making Indego Africa products very much because the products are so nice, and I  love the designs. Making those products allows me to learn new skills and means  I earn more money, which was not easy for me in the past. Indego has allowed me to stop selling goods on the streets and open my own business.

Josepha and her co-workers are happy to be able to earn consistent, dependable income from Indego Africa orders—to be able to look towards and plan for the future, rather than living day-to-day. Being able to provide and care for their families gives many of our artisan partners a feeling of empowerment, both in their households and in their everyday lives. Josepha said:

Being empowered to me means having the ability to provide for my family and myself without having to ask my husband. I earn an income and can pay for my children’s school fees—I can feed them, clothe them and even afford health insurance.

We are thrilled to be able to work with talented, determined artisans like Josepha who are using their new opportunities to uplift their families and provide opportunities for other women to work and earn income as well. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next! 

To shop Josepha’s beautiful, handwoven products, click here.

#artisans, #indegodiaries, #inspiring, #live colorfully

Live Colorfully!

At Indego Africa, we are all about living colorfully! We love to celebrate happiness and positivity in the communities of women we work with (and around the world!) and to design products whose bright colors and whimsical designs reflect our spirit of fun and creativity.

As a brand, and as a global team, we are endlessly inspired by the amazing women we partner with in Rwanda & Ghana. They are proud mamas, talented makers, creative entrepreneurs, and so much more. Despite what they may have been through in their lives, they live every day with hope and determination to create brighter futures for themselves and their families.

While these are some of the reasons we love working with women in  Rwanda & Ghana, we also wanted to know what they like about working with us. So we chatted with them to hear their thoughts on our partnership and find out what makes them feel happy and inspired every day too.

Our #livecolorfully photoshoot (shown below) celebrates what living colorfully means to all of us, featuring bright colors, beaming smiles, and lots of glitter, of course! 

Scroll down to see the full shoot and read the beautiful words of our artisan partners below—we hope they inspire you to #livecolorfully too!

What makes me smile everyday? Working with other women! I love to laugh and make them laugh too. – Jaqueline, Twiyubake Cooperative

Indego Africa is a happy organization because it helps women in Rwanda become confident and independent. Before, I used to have to ask for everything from my husband. Now, I can do everything by myself (I even support my husband!) and that makes me proud. – Jacqueline, Twiyubake Cooperative.

I love to weave and I love to sew, because to me, they are an art and they help me care for my children. – Claudine, Imirasire Cooperative

I love making Indego Africa products! The products have great designs, lovely colors, and are different from the ones I’m used to making. Every time I’m working on an Indego Africa order, I’m building new skills, and that makes me happy. – Josepha

I love weaving because, to my children, it is the way their mom supports them and I am so proud to be able to do that. – Felicite, Imirasire Cooperative

I love coming into work everyday because it allows me to provide for my family and create brighter futures my children. I smile thinking about the lives they will have. – Aisha, Covanya Cooperative

I love the color blue. It makes me happy whenever I see it.  - Aisha, Covanya Cooperative 

My favorite color is green! I painted my whole house green. I always want to see green. It makes me happy. – Domithille, IKU Cooperative