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#FirstFriends: Chantal Nyirabambari

#indegodiaries, #inspiring, #impact, #community, #firstfriends

We sat down with some of our earliest artisan partners to find out what education means to them and why they are so passionate about their work with Indego!

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Chantal Nyirabambari

President of Imirasire Cooperative

Chantal Nyirabambari began partnering with Indego Africa in 2009 when she joined Imirasire Cooperative and learned how to weave. She graduated from Indego’s Leadership Academy in January of 2016 and has since been elected president of her cooperative twice! Chantal uses the business skills she’s learned from her partnership with Indego to better the management of her cooperative and her local community.


I wanted to partner with Indego because I knew they provided us with access to markets. This has enabled each woman to find work and in turn, earn money and help their families. Indego's payment system also encourages us to work hard and create good partnerships with each other. The Indego team also gives great advice! In my business and leadership classes, they are always mentoring us and providing opportunities for follow up.

Before partnering with Indego, I was a farmer and earned very little money. now, I am a business woman with a bank account! I have three houses and two motorcycles that my child and husband use, I have a television, and I have clean water and electricity in my home. I was able to purchase all of these things because I saved my money and invested the income I made from fulfilling purchase orders for Indego Africa. I am proud to say that I can also afford my child's school fees. These are not things I was able to do before working with Indego.

Indego has been my savior in terms of getting a job and earning an income. Every positive change in my life has been the result of working with Indego. I was also very happy to a part of the Leadership Academy because I got the chance to learn and receive powerful advice from members of the Indego team, including Rwanda Country Director, Rosine Urujeni.

When I was elected the president of Imirasire Cooperative for the second time, I got very emotional. It feels good to know that I am a person who is trusted by others to help lead the cooperative and the community. I am also proud to be a talented woman who helps bring money to the cooperative. By helping other people, I am building both my community and my country.

In the future, I am looking forward to living my best possible life. I have goals to finish building a third house for my family, continue mentoring new cooperative members so they can be successful, and continue saving money I make from working with Indego. I know I will be able to retire safely and successfully because I am committed to my work, patient with my life, and an active participant in my community.

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#FirstFriends: Jacqueline Musabyimana

#firstfriends, #indegodiaries, #artisans, #inspiring, #indegoturns10

We sat down with some of our earliest artisan partners to find out what education means to them and why they are so passionate about their work with Indego!

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Jacqueline Musabyimana

President of Twiyubake Cooperative

Jacqueline Musabyimana is one of Indego’s first artisan partners at Twiyubake Cooperative. As president of Twiyubake, the manager of her own cleaning company, a mother of six, and a leader in her community, Jacqueline knows what it means to be a hardworking and empowered woman. Since she began partnering with Indego in 2009, Jacqueline has used the lessons she has learned to build a prosperous future for herself and her family.


I decided to join Indego Africa because I understood Indego’s “big picture.” I wanted to change my life and Indego gave me an opportunity to get myself out of poverty.

I was very vulnerable after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. I lost both of my parents, and for many years, I felt hopeless about my future and the future of my seven brothers. Together, we strived to survive with limited resources, but I couldn’t provide any help because I didn’t have a job. Indego Africa explained to me that they were not going to give me fish but instead, teach me how to catch them. After hearing that, I had zero hesitations about joining Indego Africa.

Three months in, I sold my first order! I sold eight plateau baskets and it was the first time in my life I was able to buy enough food and clothes for my family. I even had enough money to purchase a mobile phone! In 2009, a mobile phone was a true symbol of a civilized citizen in our village, and I will never forget how proud I felt in that moment.

I now own a piece of land and a big house with multiple television sets. My entire family is covered by health insurance and we eat good food. But I know material things alone cannot fully represent my growth. I have grown in many ways since partnering with Indego. I’ve learned to think big! My self-esteem has gone up and I am proud of the dignified and empowered woman I’ve become. It is because of the skillsets and mindset Indego has equipped me with that I can wear so many hats in life.

The part of my work that I am most proud of is the time I get to spend at the cooperative. I am responsible for more than 40 members, young and old. We’ve recently been joined by a group of younger women and we love them. They are the new life blood of our cooperative! The responsibilities I assume at Twiyubake are a good exercise in management and remind me of the things I can do to help improve other people’s lives.

When I used to set goals, I sometimes worried that they would only be wishes, or that they would be forgotten and unachievable. My prime goal in life used to be to own an adequate home. Today, I own a big house and although it’s still under construction, my goal is to complete that house by next year. Another goal I’ve always had is educating my children. I strive to make sure my children grow up well and receive quality education.

When it comes to my professional goals, I still want to own my own handcraft store so I can utilize all of the vocational and business skills I’ve learned from partnering with Indego Africa. I’ve been trying to save money so I can invest in this project because owning my own store is my number one professional goal.

I like to remind myself that with hope and persistence, my dreams can become a reality. If you make plans and feed your ideas hope, persistence, and education, your projects will be successful.

In the future, I’m looking forward to continuing to have good health because I know any sickness will only impede the progress I’m making on my projects and I really want to see all of the projects I’ve undertaken be successful. I also want my children to finish their studies and grow up happy and healthy.

I will sum up what my partnership with Indego Africa means to me in just a few, important words: Education is a powerful tool to change women’s lives. My life has been greatly impacted by the education I’ve received from Indego Africa and I am very thankful for that.

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#FirstFriends: Emelienne Nyiramana

#inspiration, #indegodiaries, #firstfriends, #community

We sat down with some of our earliest artisan partners to find out what education means to them and why they are so passionate about their work with Indego!

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Emelienne Nyiramana
Founder of Cocoki Cooperative & current Indego Africa Education Associate
Emelienne Nyiramana is one of Indego Africa’s first artisan partners (yes, from way back in 2007!), the founder of Cocoki Cooperative, and an inspiring testament to the power of education. Ten years ago, Emelienne was struggling to lift herself and her family out of poverty, but today - thanks to education and determination - Emelienne is a full-time Indego Africa staff member, a Teaching Associate at our Leadership Academy, and an influential mentor and leader in communities across Rwanda. 


When I was first introduced to Indego’s mission to empower women through education programs and business training, I was really interested. I wanted to partner with Indego to fulfill that mission for myself and other Rwandan women in my community. 

My life has changed a lot since working with Indego. Ten years ago, I had no education, but since 2007, I’ve founded Cocoki Cooperative and learned how to manage a business, I graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative and won the Peace Through Business competition, and I passed Rwanda’s national examination to earn my Senior 6 Certificate which allowed me to continue attending school at the university level.

One of my ongoing professional goals is to mentor other women and help people in my community run their businesses and earn an education. I am very proud to say that several women I have mentored over the past few years have now started their own businesses, decided to go back to school, and continued earning income and working at their cooperatives- just like me!

My personal goals for the future have a lot to do with my education. Something I worked really hard for in the past was completing my secondary school education. I not only achieved that goal but am now in my first year of college and planning on earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Cooperative Management. Indego Africa has been incredibly supportive over the years and has helped me achieve my goals!

My partnership with Indego Africa has impacted my life in numerous ways. In terms of professional development, I have grown so much. Since I began working at a cooperative in 2007, I have developed the skills and ability to work for an international NGO- which is an opportunity I would have never received if it wasn’t for my partnership with Indego!

I am also continually learning from the work I do and it feels good to know that other people are learning from me. Since working with Indego, I started having a more open mind and thinking outside the box. I now tell the women I mentor that anything is possible if you have a purpose and goals to achieve.

Before partnering with Indego, it was difficult to earn even $1 a day. I was entirely dependent on my husband, but now I am financially independent and a full-time Indego Africa employee! One of my most memorable moments was when I signed that employee contract. I am now able to pay my own school tuition fees and create more goals for myself in the future. I still have a long journey ahead of me but I move forward every day and look to the future with confidence.

One of the things I enjoy the most about my job with Indego is standing in front of trainees and sharing my experiences with them. Most of them have become motivated to pursue new job opportunities and go back to school. Some of them continue to stay in touch even after the class to ask for advice that might help them accomplish the kind of success I have earned over the past years. I am proud to be a part of Indego’s Business Training programs because even when I am teaching, I am always learning.

In the future, I am most looking forward to completing my degree and having all of my family members earn an education. This is the biggest personal goal I hope to achieve. Indego Africa helps women help their families and I believe someday, this may pull a huge part of our world out of poverty.

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