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Fun With Friends # 5 – Rose & Fitzgerald

#funwithfriends, #inspiring

Four years ago, husband-and-wife duo Courtney Rose & Laren Fitzgerald moved from California to Uganda, where they began the creative adventure that has since become known as…Rose & Fitzgerald! Inspired by the beautiful raw materials and craftsmanship of Uganda and East Africa, Rose & Fitzgerald sells simple, elegant home décor & jewelry, which is handmade from start to finish by local artisans in their Kampala-based design studio.

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We love Rose & Fitzgerald’s gorgeous products—from geometric wooden candle holders, to brass jewelry, woven baskets & more—that artfully blend the founders’ sense of coastal living with their love for the indigenous materials, beautiful landscapes, and master craftspeople of Uganda.

Now back in California, Courtney & Laren continue to design their rare goods from afar, with the intention of surrounding themselves and the world with beauty that makes us all feel more alive. We chatted with Rose & Fitzgerald co-founder, Courtney, to hear more about her journey and the amazing artisans that R & F is partnering with. Check out our interview below! (Spoiler alert: it’s super inspiring and may incite wanderlust.)

So, you’re from California and spent three years living in Uganda, where you started Rose & Fitzgerald. Tell us  more about that: how did the adventure that is R&F begin? 

Starting Rose & Fitzgerald was an adventure, indeed! My husband Laren and I moved to Uganda in 2012 for his career with Bridgeway Foundation, which had several projects happening in Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We chose to move to Uganda’s bustling capital, Kampala, as it was central, stable and rapidly developing. Almost instantly after moving there, I fell in love with the richness of the colors and textures of handmade goods found at markets, and was really impressed with the methodologies for crafting them. I began working with local artisans to decorate our big, empty house – designing items mixing my coastal, modern design perspective with the timeless methods of these master craftsmen. All of the goods that came back as a result of our collaborations were stunning, and I knew this was the beginning of something much bigger. Starting a business that would sustainably employ these talented artisans to practice their craft became a dream. Rose & Fitzgerald is that dream realized. 

We love the way your jewelry & homewares truly showcase the beauty of Ugandan craftsmanship and raw materials through simple, elegant designs. What is your design process like and where do you get your inspiration?  

My goal since day one has been to design products drawing inspiration from their African origins, while still being relevant to a modern home. We want each of our products to hold deeper meaning than what meets the eye. This means that every aspect of how the products are made, what materials are used and where the materials come from, is of great importance to us. We limit our collection to the use of local materials, like Teak and Mugavu hardwoods, indigenous Ankole horn, pure brass, and raffia and bukedo (a type of palm leaf). Working with natural colors (shades of tan, brown, black, ivory and gold) and textures is endlessly inspiring to me, and when I design new goods, I always focus on cohesion among our offering, which usually results in clean lines, and geometric shapes and patterns. I am purposeful about creating goods that will add warmth, contrast and character to a space; goods that are completely unique, imperfect and one of a kind. Typically, I create a mood board for a new collection and then sketch out my own design concepts, which my husband patiently turns into digital spec sheets (alongside his own designs), which we then pass on to our artisan team for sampling. The artisans almost always add their own unique touch to each design, and we love that their artistry and talent shines through in the end result. All that said, our designs are certainly a team process.

We’d love to hear more about your design studio and the artisans you work with. What kinds of changes do you see taking place in their lives? 

Our design studio in Kampala is a space we poured a great deal of love and energy into. We wanted this workshop to feel unlike any in Uganda, so we focused on making the space feel creative and energetic. More than anything, we wanted our studio to give these incredibly talented artists a space to master a craft they have practiced for years. Many of the techniques they use are sadly dying out, due to large craft factories, so we’re doing everything we can to preserve their traditional artistry. In a world where many artisanal goods are produced in factories and sold through mass marketing campaigns, the Rose & Fitzgerald studio was created in hopes of giving people something truly unique. Currently, we have a team of 9 full-time Ugandan staff working there each weekday, which includes a metal smith team, a cow horn team and a production/quality control manager. Tea is taken each morning before starting work, and a healthy lunch is provided in the beautiful, large yard everyday. We introduced the “Friday happy hour” tradition, which of course, has been received very well. I think the stability our artisans have within their well-paid roles, along with working each day in such a creative, free environment, gives the artisans a great deal of joy and allows them to focus on perfecting their art.

Your motto, “seek the rare,” is awesome. Can you tell us what that means to you?

Living in Uganda together was perhaps the greatest adventure of our lives. It opened our eyes to a completely new part of the world, allowed us to travel to far away places in Africa that we’d never even heard of, and discover so much unique talent, skill and beauty among many cultures. Simply put, we felt like we were always seeking out rare experiences, and we really wanted this to become the motto for our lives and our company. We made it our passionate commitment to look toward the forgotten places—shedding light on over-looked talent and designing and creating rare goods from far away places. And now, we invite everyone else to seek the rare in their own lives, however that may look for them. 

Do you have any favorite Indego products? If so, which ones & why?

Yes! I love the Double Pin Shade Hat and the Cutout Beach Tote. We moved from Uganda back to California about nine months ago, and spend so many of our evenings and weekends at the beach with our Rhodesian Ridgeback. The hat feels so fresh for summer and protects me from the sun, and the tote is the perfect carryall for things like sunscreen, a soft blanket and a good book. I know it will come in handy in a few months when our baby boy is here, and we have lots of baby gear to tote down to the beach as well! Both of these items feel so natural and simple while still being feminine and stylish. And of course, I absolutely love that they are handcrafted in Africa, empowering women to care for themselves and their families. 

To learn more about Rose & Fitzgerald, visit

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Chloe Fleury Goes Indego

#funwithfriends, #indegodiaries, #inspiration, #indegokids

Our favorite illustrator, paper artist, prop stylist & mama of two, Chloe Fleury, did the cutest (and most colorful!) photoshoot featuring our print-happy baby clothes and her whimsical paper art collections.

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We love the way Chloe creates bright, magical worlds out of paper, creating inspiring spaces for kids and grown-ups alike. Scroll down to see the photoshoot and learn more about our partnership with Chloe here.   

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#MamaMoment – Magical Art & Motherhood with Chloe Fleury

#mothersmonth, #mamamoment, #indegodiaries, #funwithfriends

We absolutely love the whimsical, color-inspired paper art & décor pieces of Chloe Fleury—California-based artist, illustrator, prop stylist, and mom of two sweet little girls! Chloe Fleury is known for creating bright, magical worlds out of paper that make for wonderful and inspired nurseries, kids rooms, and more.

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In honor of our Mother’s Month, we chatted with this amazing mama to hear more about her art and design inspiration and find out how these creative processes intersect with her life as a mom. Read on for more & keep your eyes peeled for a special glimpse into Chloe’s magical world…coming soon!

Your paper art and décor pieces are all so colorful and fun! Can you tell us more about your creative process—what inspires you?

I am really inspired by California and the colorful architecture in San Francisco. All those bright colored houses make me so happy!

How did you get started working with paper as an art form? What do you love about this medium?  

I’ve loved working with paper for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I loved doing origami, paper boxes and creating little worlds out of anything I could find including paper and cardboards. In art school I worked on finding my illustration style by mixing paint, cardboard and fabrics while creating little sets for stop motion animations. This is when i moved to San Francisco, 8 years ago that I started to use only paper as medium, I was so inspired by all the beautiful colored houses! Transforming flat paper sheets in three dimensional object is just magical.

This May, we’re holding our very first Mother’s Month, which is a celebration of motherhood & the incredible mamas we work with in Rwanda. You have two  (adorable!) little girls, can you tell us some of your favorite things about  being a mom? 

Rediscovering all the little things in life with them. I love how Lula can be so enthusiast and happy about anything from a leaf or a rock she finds on our weekend adventures in the nature or a pretty dress she sees…She is so curious and eager to learn. I love watching Anouk and Lula together. The smile Lula has on her face when she comes home from school and sees her sister and Anouk’s admiration for her sister, she is the first one to laugh at Lula’s joke and I am sure soon she will follow her everywhere (when she starts crawling). Sisters are the best, it is so fun watching them grow up together.

Your whimsical, animal décor pieces make

for such great additions to baby & kids rooms! How does your own experience  of being a mom (and decorating nurseries!) influence your design process?

I love watching my girls play in their nursery, and I think it’s important for them to have an inspiring space to grow up in. Since childhood I’ve always needed my room to be decorated, making it feel warm and inviting. A space where I could dream, create, play…a little world of my own! My paper animals are a great touch of color and fun into baby & kids rooms. Learning about the animals and their sounds is the first thing we taught Lula. I like to hang the new animals I make in Lula’s room and see her reaction, making sure she recognizes them - I have a looong list of new ones I’d like to make including the koala, giraffe, dinosaur…coming next is the peacock and probably the tiger as it’s Lula’s favorite!

Your little girls look oh-so-cute in our pattern-happy Indego Africa baby & kids clothes! We’d love to hear more about why you support Indego & our collections for little ones.

I am really impressed by the African women’s artisanal skills! The products are beautifully made, and I am really in love with the patterns and colors. Indego Africa is a beautiful and inspiring organization for helping the women with their education programs. 

If you were to buy a gift for a new mom (or yourself!) from Indego Africa, what would you get and why?

I think that would be a pretty basket! I have an addiction for baskets, from natural and simple ones to fringed or pom pom ones with beautiful colors! They are a great addition to any room in a home especially in a nursery for baby shoes, blanket and toys storage! I have a big collection and always want more!

To shop our Indego Africa kids collection, click here

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#FunWithFriends - Brother Vellies

#funwithfriends, #africa, #handcrafted

We are obsessed with the safari chic footwear of ethical fashion brand Brother Vellies! Founded by designer Aurora James, Brother Vellies celebrates traditional African craftsmanship and style, while also creating sustainable jobs for artisans on the continent.

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With shoes handmade in South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco, Brother Vellies offers a range of swoon-worthy sandals, heels, and booties that draw on local raw materials and ethically-sourced animal products (think: leather, fur, mohair & more.)

We can’t get enough of Brother Vellies’ fierce footwear so we decided to team up with them for a photoshoot featuring their best-selling shoes and our brand-new apparel line. We love the way our African printed textiles play off Brother Vellies’ textural, striking footwear for an all-around culturally-inspired and (ethically) fashion-forward look. Check out our shoot below and get inspired to create your own made-in-Africa look. 

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Fun and Friendship Bracelets with Frieda & Nellie!

#indegodiaries, #funwithfriends, #collaboration

We love, love, love the bright and bejeweled friendship bracelets of NYC-based jewelry company, Frieda & Nellie. Co-founded by real-life best friends, Stacy Herzog and Sarah Berk, Frieda & Nellie combines intricately patterned knotted bracelets (a throwback to the founders’ summer camp days) with rare vintage jewels from the 1920s-70s to create fun yet sophisticated collections of jewelry in which each piece tells a story.

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We teamed up with Frieda & Nellie to create a custom collection of friendship bracelets, which celebrates our shared love of vibrant colors, eclectic combinations, and, of course, the beauty of friendship! Our limited edition Frieda & Nellie for Indego Africa bracelets (handcrafted with heart in Rwanda) feature neon-bright patterned friendship bracelets, which are accented with cowhorn buttons for a unique, eye-catching look. We sat down with Sarah and Stacy to chat about our collaboration and hear what they had to say on inspiration, design process, entrepreneurship, and more. Read on to get the inside scoop!

So, let's start at the beginning. How did you two meet and what inspired you to create your ultra-colorful (and coveted!) jewelry line, Frieda & Nellie?

Stacy: We met during the summer of 2006. I was a wide-eyed college sophomore interning in New York City at Natori lingerie for the summer. Sarah worked there. We hit it off and ended up spending lots of time vintaging, painting and making things together. Frieda and Nellie came to be after a trip I took to Ecuador in 2009. I came back with lots of amazing, vibrant friendship bracelets and was so inspired that Sarah and I started making new bracelets like the ones we’d learned to make at summer camp when we were tweens. We started mixing the patterns we created with embroidery thread, rhinestone and metal vintage pieces we picked up at flea markets and vintage stores in NYC on weekends.  

Sarah: We were walking by my apartment in Gramercy Park when an editor from Women's Wear Daily grabbed my wrist and asked who made the bracelets. We said: “we do!” Next thing we know we are featured in a story called "The New Deals" and had huge orders within a few days. 

We love your mantra "Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent!" What does this phrase mean to you and how does it infuse your jewelry and design process? 

Stacy: The vintage pieces we use to make the core of our jewelry are storytelling pieces. We love that they have had a history before we discovered them—that each piece has already lived a life and meant something to its owner(s) and then, rather then sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust or be thrown away, we are able to give it a new life by making into a new piece and incorporating friendship bracelets somehow. 

At Indego, we are endlessly inspired by the incredible women we work with in Rwanda and Ghana, so naturally we love that Frieda & Nellie was inspired by two awesome women in your lives – your grandmothers! We’d love to hear a little more about them and how they influence you, whether in life, business, or design.

Stacy: Nana Frieda was a very strong New Yorkie woman. She wore the pants in every relationship she had…She continues to inspire me to stick to my guns and stay true to myself. 

Sarah: My Mammaw Benton was so creative and could make and do anything.  She could see a picture of an outfit in Vogue, be inspired to make something beautiful, and then cut it out without a pattern to fit perfectly. She taught me to sew and to embrace my creativity in all sorts of ways. She was such a strong, hard working, creative powerhouse of a woman.

What motivated you to collaborate with Indego Africa?

Stacy: We love what Indego Africa stands for. We strive to empower women and love how proactive Indego Africa is. We are honored to work with such amazing women to create such beautiful and special things!

Many of the amazing women we partner with in Rwanda and Ghana are aspiring entrepreneurs. As two rockstar entrepreneurs yourselves, what advice would you give to them?

Stacy: Try not to be intimidated. If you have an idea, try it out and amazing things may happen. Most importantly: obstacles are going to make you, your ideas and your business stronger, tougher, better and stronger!

Sarah: You can't plan it out too much, sometimes you just need to jump in full force and figure it out along the way.  Also, I truly believe that you have to love what you do to be successful at it.  So embrace it all, and have fun doing it.

To shop our Indego Africa x Frieda & Nellie  collection (for you and a friend – or two!), click here

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

#collaboration, #funwithfriends, #forthebabes, #indegokids

There’s something majestic about the winter—its cool, cleansing air, silky white snows and bare-leaved trees that awaken the landscape with their stark geometry. As a child, winter was a time for fun and adventure—a time for wonder, for play, for sledding and for snowmen. We love the way hazel & pine captures that spirit in their most recent photo series featuring our Indego Africa Kids Collection!

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The two cuties photographed below spent a day playing outside Indego-style, wearing some of our pattern-happy textile rompers and shirts, along with hats and vests from our Handspun Hope organic merino wool collection. They even brought along two of their favorite friends – our hand-embroidered sleepy star bunnies! We love how our Indego brights play off the classic winter whites – the perfect way to add a pop of color to any wintry day! Now we want to jump outside in the snow…

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#FunWithFriends : Hazel & Pine

#funwithfriends, #collaboration, #indegodiaries, #forthebabes

As you may already know, we love having fun with friends - like the photography gurus of Hazel & Pine! These talented ladies recently photographed our Indego Africa kids line - a colorful collection of pattern-happy dresses, shirts, rompers & more. We love the way Hazel & Pine captures the magic, joy and playfulness of childhood - which is what our Indego kids line is all about. Don't believe us? Take a peak for your self!

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#collaboration, #inspiration, #funwithfriends

West-Africa-born, NYC-based fashion & lifestyle blogger, Fráncia Cooper, radiates global chic. Her blog – – is a treasure trove of inspiration featuring gorgeous style images, beauty tips, travel diaries & more. We were thrilled to team up with her to photograph our new fall collection of wide-brimmed felt hats, cozy handmade knits, Ghanaian brass jewelry & more. Scroll down to see the shoot images and read what Franny had to say about Indego Africa, global women’s empowerment, and the fashion industry.

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originally posted on


“I am beyond excited to share this powerful collaboration that I did with Indego Africa for the launch of their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. The entire collection is an absolute gem - cozy knits to warm you up, wool hats to complete boring outfits, capes to shield you from winter’s shiver along with the cutest brooches for a more refined look. What’s even more charming about this brand is that all items are handmade in Ghana and Rwanda. 

It was such a pleasure working with the Indego Africa team. Indego Africa is a non-profit social enterprise and lifestyle brand that supports women through economic empowerment and education - confronting poverty by helping female artisans become independent business women. All of the profits from sales are used to fund educational training programs for these women. 

In today’s world, why women should support women in business goes without saying. What’s understated, however, is why women in the fashion industry are lacking in positions related to design. It is a little unnerving to think about how many male designers have positions of power: think Olivier Rousteing, Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, etc. Of course their talent warrants the merit of their success, however, isn’t it a little counter intuitive how the male gender rampantly controls the design of women clothing? You would think that since our clothes are made for the female form, female desire, and overall female experience they would be designed by us. Patriarchy has its place even in the garment industry and this is something that should not be overlooked. I support brands like Indego Africa because I’d like to see more women empowered in design positions in hopes that the fashion industry can become equal.” 

We love Franny’s passion for women’s empowerment & the way she rocks all things Indego! To check out her blog, click here.

Shop our Fall 2015 collection

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Back-to-School with The Great Lakes Goods

#community, #indegodiaries, #collaboration, #funwithfriends, #leadership academy, #back to school

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest partner, Rose Lazar: the founder, designer, and talented maker behind The Great Lakes Goods. Known for her whimsical handmade prints, magical wall charms, and finely-crafted wooden objects, Rose infuses each item she makes with humor, good vibes, and a love of handmade design that we simply can’t get enough of. That’s why we are so exited to launch our new custom collection of Great Lakes x Indego Africa products featuring hand-drawn notecard sets and moon & star garlands. But wait – there’s more!

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In addition to being our partner-in-design, Rose is also a supporter of our Leadership Academy in Rwanda. Through September 22nd, you can buy any of our Indego Africa x The Great Lakes products and your purchase will go towards our Back-to-School Campaign to support education for women in Rwanda!

Click here to shop these one-of-a-kind handcrafted products and keep reading to find out Rose’s thoughts on the power of education, her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and why she supports Indego Africa.

When we hear the word education we think of opportunity and empowerment. What does education mean to you and how has it helped you become the person you are today? 

To me, education is something that you never outgrow. There's always a chance to learn something new whether it be from a book you read, an experience you have, a conversation between two people or even a negative experience with something. Whatever triggers that thing inside of you that makes you want to learn more is a very powerful thing. Education to me means never losing sight of that feeling. Education has helped me in that no one ever told me there was a limit to what I can learn. To this day when I figure out how to do something it's an incredibly satisfying feeling.  

At our Leadership Academy, students are learning the skills they need to start their own businesses. As the  founder, owner, and designer of The Great Lakes Goods, what advice would you give to these aspiring entrepreneurs? 

The advice I have for aspiring entrepreneurs is: don't be afraid to take a chance. Whatever you want to do might seem crazy to some people but if you 100% believe in it, the passion you have for it will shine through it and convince everyone around you that your crazy idea just might work. Just be prepared to work hard for want you want to do.  

We love the whimsical handmade awesomeness that is The Great Lakes. What inspired you to work with Indego Africa? 

I wanted to work with Indego Africa because I had already been a fan, buying up your products when I would see them in boutiques around NY. When I investigated who and what Indego was, I thought it was fantastic! Taking these super traditional handicrafts and making them contemporary through color and styling. Then on top of it supporting a community of women makers. I was honored to be asked to work with Indego as I think it's a super inspirational community.  

We are honored to work with The Great Lakes and to bring you beautifully handcrafted products that empower women to achieve their dreams. To shop our Great Lakes x Indego Africa collection and support our Back-to-School Campaign for women in Rwanda, click here

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Fun With Friends #4: A Collaboration with Handspun Hope

#inspiring, #collaboration, #funwithfriends

On a farm at the base of Rwanda’s majestic Virunga Mountains roam a flock of sheep. Tended and cared for night and day, this herd is part of the Handspun Hope project – a True Vineyard Ministries initiative dedicated to employing and empowering Rwandan widows.

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Handspun Hope employs 58 people in Rwanda to hand-spin & dye 100% organic merino wool. We are thrilled to now call them an official cooperative partner and to launch our brand new collection of winter-weather must-haves – hand-spun, knitted hats and vests for adults and kiddies alike!

Handspun Hope began in 2007 when Diana Wiley, Executive Director of True Vineyard Ministries, traveled to Rwanda on a trip with an international relief organization. While there, she was deeply moved by the genocide widows she met and struck by the stark conditions of poverty in which they were living. 

On that very same trip, she came across a livestock-sharing project at a church in Musanze, Rwanda’s northern province. She observed that while various families in the community were receiving sheep to cultivate, they were mostly using them for sustenance. That’s when it occurred to her: “what about the wool?” From there, Handspun Hope was born.

Handspun Hope seeks to create sustainable employment and income-earning opportunities for women in Rwanda by helping them make high-quality yarn from local sheep’s wool. While wool-spinning was once a common practice in Rwanda, the skill was completely lost after the 1994 genocide. Diana {after teaching herself!} taught a group of women in the community how to spin wool using a drop spindle, eventually upgrading to spinning wheels to increase their productivity, as well as the quality of the yarn.

She and the True Vineyard Ministries team also bought a plot of land in Musanze and began importing sheep from Kenya to populate it. While they began with 25 sheep, they have since grown their flock to 150, and continue to expand it with the goal of creating a sustainable supply of wool in Rwanda and, accordingly, more employment opportunities for local women.

We love Handspun Hope’s mission and philosophy, as well as the incredible handmade process behind their products – one that spans nearly a year to reach its completion. Over the course of eight-month cycles, a shepherd tends to Handspun Hope’s sheep - caring for them day in and day out, keeping them clean, and feeding them with the best possible minerals and nutrients to ensure that they remain as healthy as can be.

When their wool has grown to its optimal length (and the longer the better), the shepherd begins the process of shearing the sheep, shaving off the wool by hand. The artisans then triple wash it clean, picking out any grass or pieces of debris that may remain. They card {i.e. disentangle} the wool, comb out the fibers, and feed it into a spinning wheel, making one ply at a time and feeding it back into the wheel to create whatever thickness they desire.

Once the yarn is ready, the women dye it by hand using local plant and vegetable material – like flowers and onion skins – or 100% organic imported dye. The final result is richly saturated, vibrant, high-quality {and eco-friendly!} yarn that is perfect for making soft and luxurious accessories and apparel items.

While historically Handspun Hope’s artisans have made yarn and sold it to other companies to work with {rather than creating finished products} we are very excited to share that for the first time - for our order - the artisans hand-knit the yarn to create each item themselves {a skill which, we might add, they learned for the first time last year!}

We are thrilled to partner with Handspun Hope and to support an organization that is creating products that are truly 100% Rwandan-made. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this inspiring group & check out our collection here:

*photographs courtesy of abbey henderson
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Fun with Friends #3 Tamar Mogendorff

#makersmonth, #community, #collaboration, #funwithfriends

When we were planning our goings-on-about-town for Makers Month, we knew we had to include a visit to one of our favorite Brooklyn-based makers and beloved partners - designer Tamar Mogendorff! Not only is she a mentor and inspiration to the entire Indego family, but she created some extra special installation pieces (along with the help of the ladies of Ibyishimo cooperative) for our July 22nd pop-up shop.

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She invited us to her studio last week for some coffee, conversation and croissants (oh and a sneak peek of what she has in store for us at next week's pop-up!). Here's what she had to say when we asked her if she'd be up for a trip to Rwanda:
"I love traveling and getting inspired by other cultures—by nature, people, craftsmanship, foods—but at the end of the day, to me the magic happens when I’m in my studio, trying things out and doing this or that to create a product, an actual object. To me, the reason to go to Rwanda would be to work together with the artisans there—both to teach them and learn from them and their techniques, materials, ideas, and aesthetics. It's always difficult to give instruction from afar. You miss the part of the experimenting together, finding new ways to create together, and designing hand in hand. I hope to make it there one day and to explore the possibilities of new creations, more materials, and, of course, to get to know the artisans in person. " 

For more details on our Makers Month & July 22nd pop up shop, click here

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Fun With Friends # 2 – Fox Fodder Farm

#funwithfriends, #collaboration

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love flowers – especially the wild, blooming beauties of Brooklyn-based floral & garden design company, Fox Fodder Farm.

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Founded in 2011 by Taylor Patterson, Fox Fodder Farm is known for its enchantingly vibrant & lush floral arrangements. We met the lovely Taylor in the spring of 2013 and immediately knew we wanted to bring her into the Indego family. Taylor sketched us some beautiful vase designs, the ladies in Rwanda worked their magic with locally-sourced materials, and voilà! Our best-selling vase collaboration came to life that very holiday season.

Since then the Indego Africa x Fox Fodder Farm collection of unique vases has grown in popularity (J. Crew even took notice and added them to their spring 2015 home collection!). Made up of recycled glass bottles and topped with woven palm leaf, the elegantly rustic feel of these vases plays off the delicate beauty of our favorite flowers perfectly. 

We recently visited Taylor’s to-die-for Brooklyn studio (read: floral scent heaven) and asked her to show us how she would expertly arrange these vases. Here’s what Taylor had to say about the vases & the flowers she loves to pair them with!

"I love these vases because I have always been attracted to the woven baskets and vessels but they never hold water. As a florist I love to use what I can for flowers, so the fact that these vases have the woven look that I love plus hold water is perfect. These vases compliment anything that has an interesting shape and structure. "

The Foraged Feel

raspberry foliage and anything else you can cut from your yard

Perfectly Feminine

a few spray roses


foxglove flowers, these are special to me and have great structure & shape

The Minimalist

yellow beaded iris, these are seasonal for spring and also have great structure & shape with a pop of color
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Inspired By Aelfie

#inspiring, #collaboration, #funwithfriends

We are so excited to partner with textile designer Aelfie on a collaboration inspired by our shared love of bold color, eccentric design, and, of course, the art of the handmade. Aelfie is the visionary behind the beautifully handwoven rugs, whimsically embroidered pillows, and geometric home décor pieces of her eponymous brand.

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We collaborated with Aelfie to create a line of  bright limited-edition plateau baskets, handmade by our partners in Rwanda, which are the perfect way to add a striking pop of color {and conscience!} to your tables, walls and surfaces. Here’s what Aelfie had to say about the collection:

“Each design is comprised of disjointed shapes in vibrant hues. The bowls are a remembrance of Rwanda's recent history and an optimistic artifact of the present. It has been an honor to work with such talented artisans and a company so fiercely committed to ethics and aesthetics.”

Below are some hand-picked-by-Aelfie images of the inspiration behind our collaboration & the pieces that came out of it! We hope you enjoy them & get inspired too. 

To shop our Indego Africa x Aelfie baskets, click here

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Girls Off Fifth

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Janelle from Girls Off Fifth styled our newest jackets & jewels!

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Originally posted on Girls Off Fifth


I recently met up with friends from do-gooder brand, Indego Africa, in the Meatpacking District to shoot these oversized blazers that give pattern play a whole new meaning. From women artisans in Rwandato your closet, they’re the perfect piece to make a statement this summer. And the jewelry….so good. Also handmade, each piece is unique in its own way. The star cutout or horn toggle bangles are my absolute fave! All profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft these very same products. Empower women while looking chic? Now that’s a no brainer.

Look 1

Indego Africa Oversized Collar Jacket

Elin Kling for Marciano Skirt (similar)

Indego Africa Jewelry

Auxiliary Reese Cross body Bag (on sale now!)

Komono Sunglasses

Vince Camuto Sandals (try these or  these)

Look 2

Indego Africa Oversized Blazer

Zara High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans (similar)

Indego Africa Jewelry

Repetto Booties

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Fun With Friends! A Day With Thread & Silk

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We love doing fun things with friends! That’s why we were so excited to do a photo shoot with Thread & Silk – the ethical fashion creation of Chloe Guss, a once-upon-a-time Indego intern.

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Thread & Silk creates one-of-a-kind luxury vintage shirts using 100% recycled fabrics. We love the way these whimsical, eye-catching pieces look with our jewelry & accessories – whether playing off our cowhorn & tin necklaces or accented by our brightly colored textile turbands.

Check out some of the looks we put together below – we hope you love them too!



For more on Thread & Silk, click here    |   To shop our featured pieces, click here

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