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Up Close & Indego

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A Day In Asbury Park

#indegodiaries, #inspiration, #summer

On a sunny Friday morning, we took a break from busy city life to spend a day at the beach in Asbury Park—the quirky New Jersey surf town known for its good food, live music, and A+ shoreline.

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We brought some of our favorite warm-weather products with us—from pom pom hats to handwoven bags, patterned summer prints and more—and snapped pictures along the way, making stops at classic Asbury haunts like the Wonder Bar and Stone Pony (a favorite of New Jersey native, Bruce Springsteen.) 

Check out the sun-kissed pictures from our day at the beach below and get inspired for your own summer of color, style, and fun!

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A Day at The Beach in Accra

#indegodiaries, #inspiration, #summer

We are summer-loving folks here at Indego Africa, and we recently spent a sun-soaked day at the beach in Accra, Ghana taking in the country's magical coastline

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Walking down the shore, we couldn't get enough of the bright pastel homes, breezy palm trees, and beautiful waves we spotted along the way. We snapped some pictures to share with you and get you inspired for summer too! Cheers to a summer of color, surf and sun. 

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Girls Off Fifth

#indegodiaries, #new, #summer, #funwithfriends

Janelle from Girls Off Fifth styled our newest jackets & jewels!

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Originally posted on Girls Off Fifth


I recently met up with friends from do-gooder brand, Indego Africa, in the Meatpacking District to shoot these oversized blazers that give pattern play a whole new meaning. From women artisans in Rwandato your closet, they’re the perfect piece to make a statement this summer. And the jewelry….so good. Also handmade, each piece is unique in its own way. The star cutout or horn toggle bangles are my absolute fave! All profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcraft these very same products. Empower women while looking chic? Now that’s a no brainer.

Look 1

Indego Africa Oversized Collar Jacket

Elin Kling for Marciano Skirt (similar)

Indego Africa Jewelry

Auxiliary Reese Cross body Bag (on sale now!)

Komono Sunglasses

Vince Camuto Sandals (try these or  these)

Look 2

Indego Africa Oversized Blazer

Zara High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans (similar)

Indego Africa Jewelry

Repetto Booties

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Fun With Friends! A Day With Thread & Silk

#community, #indegodiaries, #summer, #funwithfriends

We love doing fun things with friends! That’s why we were so excited to do a photo shoot with Thread & Silk – the ethical fashion creation of Chloe Guss, a once-upon-a-time Indego intern.

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Thread & Silk creates one-of-a-kind luxury vintage shirts using 100% recycled fabrics. We love the way these whimsical, eye-catching pieces look with our jewelry & accessories – whether playing off our cowhorn & tin necklaces or accented by our brightly colored textile turbands.

Check out some of the looks we put together below – we hope you love them too!



For more on Thread & Silk, click here    |   To shop our featured pieces, click here

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Summer Vibes Have Arrived - Prymal x Indego

#collaboration, #summer, #handmade

Summer vibes have officially arrived with the launch of our Indego Africa x Prymal collaboration! This ultra-cool collection features iconic panama hats with a fun, socially-conscious twist: each hat is handmade by artisans in Ecuador and accented with the colorful yet delicate hand-embroidery of the Ibaba cooperative in Rwanda.

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We are so excited to partner with Prymal whose mission is to create high quality, luxurious products that strengthen Ecuador’s local economies and preserve the environment. We love their commitment to sustainability, empowerment, and beautiful artistry throughout every step of their artisan partners’ production process.

To create a panama hat by hand is a long, meticulous process that has been passed down from generation to generation in Ecuador. To get started: weavers pick out pieces of straw and cut them to the length they wish to work with. Dipping their fingers in water, they split the fiber razor thin, and weave outwards from the center of the crown using a wooden crown form as support {the greatest weavers work only by the light of the moon or when the sky is overcast.} 

Once woven, each hat has four to six inches of loose straw remaining around the brim. This excess is then woven backwards, forming a thin but strong band around the brim. 

To give the hat its final, classic shape, artisans use either an iron over a wooden form or a steam hydraulic machine in a process called “blocking.” Last but not least, an internal band is sewn into the hat and a decorative  trim – in this case, hand-embroidered by artisans in Rwanda! - is attached before it’s ready for final sale.

The final product? A timeless yet vibrant hat that mixes empowerment with chic & effortless style, from the white sandy beaches of Ecuador to the rolling green hills of Rwanda. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

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Summer of Dreams

#inspiring, #inspiration, #summer, #new, #artisans, #africa

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our collaboration with Spoke Woven on a beautiful collection of textile dream catchers!

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To bring this dream to life, we sat down with Genga – the wildly creative designer behind the iconic oversized dream catchers of Spoke Woven. Over the course of one marvelous day, we learned all about the inspiration behind her craft and filmed an instructional video for our artisan partners so that they too could learn the art of dream catcher weaving.

IA x Spokewoven from Indego Africa on Vimeo.

Once the video was complete, we sent it along to the artisans of Ibyishimo who quickly mastered the new technique – handcrafting an array of gorgeous textile dream catchers that we are thrilled to now offer on our website. 

One of the {many} things we love about this collaboration is the deep cultural history and mythology surrounding dream catchers. A longstanding Native American tradition, dream catchers are meant to protect sleepers from bad dreams, allowing only positive ones to enter the minds of those at rest. The belief is that bad dreams will get caught in the dream catcher’s web and vanish when struck with the first rays of the morning sun. Happy dreams, on the other hand, will float through the hole in the center of the dream catcher and gently glide down the feathers or fabric to reach the sleeping person below.

We were delighted to bring these traditions across the globe to our artisan partners in Rwanda and we hope that you too will be inspired by the unique blend of Native American and Rwandan traditions encompassed in these textile wonders. As Genga likes to say: All dreams spin out of the same web.

Shop the Dream Catcher Collection >>>

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#inspiring, #inspiration, #summer

The days of summer are upon us, when time slows down and the world is set aglow. When nature fills us with rapture and warmth infuses our souls.

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It is a time to pause—to breathe in fresh air and breathe out your wildest dreams. To dig your toes in the sand and hum along with the trees. To put a flower in your hair and chase the radiant sun. To celebrate laughter and revel in effervescent fun. 

Summer is a time for reflection. For imagination. For adventure. For love. For creativity. And for finding inspiration.

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