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Indego Kids with Hazel & Pine

We are so excited about our new kids clothing line, celebrating the magic and playfulness of childhood through bright, pattern-happy dresses, shirts, rompers, and more! To capture the spirit of this colorful collection, we teamed up with one of the photography gurus of Hazel & Pine – Ashley Turner – for a fun photoshoot at the very spot where our kids line is made: the Umutima Cooperative in Nyamirambo, Kigali, Rwanda!

Hazel & pine's mission is to bring to life inspirational moments from around the world. We just love their stunning visual imagery, filled with sun-soaked, wanderlust-inspiring photos that transport us to new and exciting places. We collaborated with them to create a one-of-a-kind photo series showcasing our latest collection for little ones, and couldn't be happier with the results!

Featuring the adorable children of Umutima's makers, alongside those of Umutima's creative advisor, Monica Tabet-Gugolz, this photo series beautifully celebrates the playfulness, joy, and creativity that our children's line is all about. And really, does it get any CUTER than this!?

Here's what Ashley of hazel & pine had to say about the shoot & her partnership with Indego Africa:

"We’ve had our eyes on Indego Africa’s aesthetic for a while now, and love how the design is so refined and inspired by the textures, colors, and culture of East Africa which are some of our favorite in the world.  

Walking into the Umutima cooperative I was welcomed with the bright spirits of the women and children, which is a common part of the culture here and definitely plays a part in what makes East Africa so special. But the women of Umutima in their tailored traditional dresses and the bright light shining into the workshop were a true reflection of Indego’s design and radiant kids collection, not to mention the community of strength they all speak together through their work.

As we all walked around Nyamirambo, I was inspired by the clean lines of the local architecture, the exotic colors, and tropical plants to highlight and bring to life the joy and playfulness of the children’s line."