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The Fertility Doll: A Story of Femininity, Motherhood and Wishes for Wellness

One of our favorite gifts for the holiday season this year is our just-launched handmade-in-Ghana wooden fertility doll. This beautiful statuette is a traditional symbol of femininity, fertility, and motherhood in Ghana’s Ashanti region, and we simply love its special meaning and history.

In Ghanaian mythology, fertility dolls are thought to bring good luck to women trying to conceive, as well as health and happiness to expecting mamas-to-be. Historically, women would wrap and carry these dolls on their backs as if they were children, a ritual believed to induce pregnancy and ensure a safe delivery. How beautiful is that? 

Our Indego fertility doll is a pregnant woman carrying a baby on her back, which symbolizes a caring mother, both during pregnancy and after childbirth. These dolls have significance in each element of their design: they have a small mouth for a quiet baby, a large forehead for great intelligence, and a pregnant belly for good nutrition. We chose white beads to symbolize the innocence of the baby. We know all mamas and mamas-to-be have hearts full of wishes for their babies and children, and we love that these special dolls can help these women carry those wishes during both pregnancy and beyond. 

We love the rich history and beautiful meaning behind these dolls and think they make an extra-special gift for all moms, women, and mamas-to-be. We hope you agree!