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The Moms of Covanya

To celebrate the launch of our brand-new baby & kids’ collection (now available on!) we did an oh-so-cute photoshoot in Rwanda featuring the children of our artisan partners wearing our pattern-happy, perfect-for-summer prints (and playing with lots of balloons and confetti, of course).

The photoshoot (which you can see in all its smile-inducing cuteness here) took place at Covanya Cooperative in Bugesera, Rwanda—the workplace of 30 amazing artisans and moms who are known for their incredible handwoven products. We were so excited to do this photoshoot in Rwanda and to feature Rwandan kiddies wearing our brand new clothing line, which is 100% sourced, stitched, and finished in Rwanda (with love!)

We chatted with the moms of Covanya to hear their thoughts on the photoshoot, our new Indego Africa baby & kids line, and their experiences more broadly as mothers. And, when we visited, we were happy to find some of their little ones dressed head-to-toe in Indego clothes they had taken home from the shoot! Here’s what the moms of Covanya shared with us: 

“The fabric was so beautiful! At first I thought the clothes came from outside the country. I was to happy to learn that they were from Rwanda!” – Delphine (2 boys) 

“I love being a mom. I love coming home from work and hearing my children scream ‘Mommy’s coming! Mommy’s coming!’ It brings me such joy.” – Alice (1 boy, 1 girl)

“My daughter loves the Indego clothes so much. Whenever I try to take them off she cries because she loves wearing them!” – Joséphine (1 boy, 1 girl)

“The best thing you can give to children is an education—so they can learn, grow, and become independent.” – Jeanne (2 boys, 2 girls)

“Being a mom makes me so happy. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day my kids say: ‘Mom, what happened?’ They make me laugh, and I forget about everything that happened that day.” – Donatha

(4 boys, 1 girl)

“I really appreciate spending time with my kids and enjoying our everyday life together. Nothing makes me happier than being able to feed them and send them to school.” – Claire (2


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