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Indego Kids in The House!

Indego Africa kids! A celebration of where creativity begins...

We love the magic, joy and playfulness of childhood and our new line of pattern-happy kids items is inspired by this childlike spirit of fun and adventure! We spent a day with two of the cutest kids around - Peter & Genevieve - to explore the world through Indego colors. We adventured into enchanted forests, frolicked amongst magical flowers, and brought some of our favorite patterned stuffed animals along with us.

Afterwards, Peter & Genevieve told us some of their favorite moments from the day and shared insights into their world of childhood wonders. Here's what they had to say:

What was the best part of today?

Peter: The best part was when we took the picture of me and Genevieve walking over the bridge at a wedding (ed. note: this shot was peter's idea) 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Peter: An engineer because I like to build things!

Genevieve: A doctor so I can help people & a teacher so I can teach kids how to read books.

What item did you like wearing the best? Why?

Peter: The bow tie because its handsome.

Genevieve: The dress because its beautiful. 

What makes you smile everyday?

(both): Summer, beach & pool!