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Handspun Knits- For Kids!

Handspun Knits- For Kids!

We love supporting Handspun Hope, an organization that is not only changing women’s lives, but also creating 100 percent made-in-Rwanda products with a beautiful story behind every stitch.

That's why we're excited to introduce a new line of kids' knits, made from 100 percent organic, merino wool and photographed on the granddaughters of the knitters themselves!

At the Handspun Hope cooperative in Musanze, Rwanda, women spin local sheep’s wool into 100% organic merino yarn. The artisans first clean and untangle the wool and then feed each strand into a spinning wheel, making one ply of yarn at a time.

Once the yarn is ready, the women dye it by hand, often using local plant, flower, and vegetable material—like eucalyptus leaves, local flora, avocado, and onion skins—that they often pick on their way to work in the morning. The final result is soft, high-quality merino yarn that is naturally-made, beautifully-dyed, 100 percent organic and eco-friendly from start to finish.

Our new line of knit sweaters, vests, and accessories for kids were photographed on the farm where they were made, featuring the green hills of Rwanda, and adorable lambs, and angora bunnies!

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