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Mama Moments: A Chat with Ariane Goldman of HATCH!

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we teamed up with one of our favorite maternity brands—HATCH—to create a collection of sleek & comfortable tee shirts (and a onesie!) that are hand-embroidered by the lovely artisans of the IBABA cooperative in Rwanda. We sat down with superstar mom, entrepreneur, designer & founder of the HATCH collection, Ariane Goldman, to chat about the collaboration and hear her thoughts on motherhood, starting a business & more. Read on for her insights & inspiration!


As a company that celebrates motherhood around the world (and that has some mamas on our team!) we love, love, love the chic and timeless maternity clothes that are staples of the HATCH collection. We know you started this brand while you yourself were  pregnant (the ultimate inspiration!)—can you tell us a little bit more about  that process?


A: As you said, I came up with the idea for HATCH while I was pregnant with my older daughter, Charlie, and was completely underwhelmed by what was out in the market for pregnancy. I just ended up buying bigger sizes of brands I wore, but the clothes didn’t really fit the right way and of course I never wore them again. So many women make the choice to have kids – and it doesn’t mean we stop caring about how we look or how we want to feel. HATCH was born from the instinct to be yourself, style-wise. In other words, to wear clothing that you would wear not pregnant too—clothing that looks and feels good whether you’re pregnant or not.

We are so excited to collaborate with HATCH on a collection of cute & comfortable tees made for moms, by moms in Rwanda. Why were you excited to work with Indego Africa and what do you think makes our collection special?

A: I’ve always tried to support initiatives that help mothers succeed and thrive, and of course even more so since HATCH was founded. Indego Africa is such an extraordinary organization because it empowers women to work on something they love and to hone beautiful artisanal skills. I jumped at the chance to work with such strong artists and their advocates.


This May, we’re holding our very first Mother’s Month, which is a celebration of motherhood & the incredible mamas we work with in Rwanda. You have two (adorable!) little girls, can you tell us some of your favorite things about being a mom?

A: I don’t even know where to start. They inspire me to be better and smarter. To work faster and harder. And they’re sweet and funny. I love it all.

As a superstar entrepreneur and a mom of two, we imagine your life is pretty busy. What thoughts or insights would you give to our partners in Rwanda who are also starting their own businesses & managing families?


A: Believe in your vision and other people will too. Don’t get deterred…there are hard days, but you’re building something that’s your own, which is invaluable.

If you were to buy a gift for a new mom (or yourself!) from Indego Africa, what would you get and why? 

A: I try to make the spaces I spend time in feel unique and light and full of little surprises, so the home objects are calling me…those woven banana leaf baskets. I’m obsessed with them. But for a new mom, I might opt for a gift that’s softer and sweeter – one of those gorgeous throws to cuddle up with the new babe. Honestly, everything you make is so beautiful and special. You can’t go wrong.

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