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Sleepykins // A Collected Space for Iris

A guest post from our Creative Director on Babiekins MagazineWhen I was pregnant with Iris and thinking about decorating a nursery, I wanted to have a room that felt both light and airy but also was filled to the brim with playful, unique and meaningful things. I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl so I figured I could start with all-white-everything and add pops of color once our little lovebug arrived. I loved the idea of my little boy or girl growing up and discovering the pieces in their room and me being able to tell a story about each and every one of them. Once Iris arrived and I knew she’d be a collector like me, I wanted even more for her room to feel like a special treasure trove with well-loved pieces that all could grow with her. Naturally, there are many beautiful baskets and items from indego africa and many precious gifts and keepsakes from family and friends. Even now she loves to say hi and by to all her dolls and toys and we often walk around the room and touch all the special pieces. For me, Iris’s room is definitely the most magical place in our home and I hope that when she is in there she feels all the love and the memories that it holds for her.

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