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We LOVE Reformation

We (along with just about everyone else on the planet these days) are obsessed with the eco-friendly, cool-girl-approved fashion label, Reformation. While best known for its effortlessly feminine dresses, tops and jumpsuits, Reformation recently added an accessories line to its collection featuring carefully-selected hats, bags, and shoes made by a range of sustainable fashion brands, including…yours truly!

We are so excited to have some of our newest handmade summer accessories—like our Pom Pom Palm Tote, Woven Hat, and Banana Leaf Beach Bag—featured on Reformation, a brand we <3 (and seriously admire) for its commitment to environmental sustainability and super cool style. Its tagline, “we make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment,” really says it all.

Most of Reformation’s limited-edition, small-batch collections are made in its factory in downtown L.A., using recycled, repurposed, or vintage materials. Every product—from flowy summer dresses to coveted crop sets—comes with a “RefScale” that allows you track the item’s environmental footprint from its very first thread all the way to your closet.

Reformation wants you to know exactly what goes into making the clothes you love—from the carbon dioxide emitted to the gallons of water used. In making this information public—and shedding light on the often environmentally hazardous (and socially harmful) materials, methods, and practices used in conventional manufacturing—Reformation seeks to revolutionize the fashion industry and help consumers around the world make informed, conscientious decisions about the clothes they buy. 

We are thrilled to partner with a company whose values and do-good mission are so well-aligned with our own AND whose clothes we mega-love (seriously—we’ll  take one of everything, please.) When it comes to doing good and looking good, they’ve got you covered. We’re definitely ready to #jointhereformation—are you? 

To shop our summer accessories—made with love from natural raw materials in Rwanda—head to Reformation or visit our shop site