Annual return filed by non-profit-making organizations are public records. The Internal Revenue Service releases them in two ways: page representations and raw data in XML. The raw data is more helpful, specifically to researchers, cause it can be extracted and analyzed more easily.

In 2013, a Challenge Grant ($90,000 over three years, 2014-2016) was rewarded to Indego Africa for an extension of its program from its base in Rwanda to another country in Africa.


We are committed to transparency, ethics, and good governance through:

Disclosing our financial, legal, and organizational documents

Acting transparently with our artisan partners in Rwanda and Ghana

Openly sharing experiences with other organizations

We hope that our consistent growth pattern further validates and honors the generous investments you have made in Indego Africa. We pledge to continue to prioritize fiscal responsibility and accountability as Indego Africa scales its operations in Rwanda, Ghana, and beyond.

All of our financial information is public.

The documents are downloadable below