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A Lovebird Story

This season of love, we are celebrating two of the cutest lovebirds we know – our artisan partner Daphrose & her husband, Eugène!

Daphrose and Eugène have been married for three years, though they’ve known each other much longer. They met in 2006 when Eugène, then a construction worker, was hired to repair the fence around Daphrose’s house. In his words, “it was love at first sight.”

For Daphrose, it was more complicated. Still recovering from the death of her first husband, she was focused on supporting her two children and romance was the last thing on her mind.

Eugène, though head over heels in love with Daphrose, struggled to tell her how he felt. When her fence was fixed and his job was over, he knew he had to see her again. Searching for a way to cross paths with her again, he found out what church she went to and became a member himself. When he found out she sang in the church’s choir, he warmed up his vocal chords and joined the choir too. 

Soon, they became friends and notorious troublemakers. Relentless jokesters, they used to alternate paying the fines they received for disrupting choir practice. As years went by and their friendship grew, Eugène finally mustered up the courage to tell Daphrose how he felt and asked her out on a date. But Daphrose, wary of investing in a new relationship, did not accept. She evaded his propositions and even tried to find him a new girlfriend. 

But Eugène waited and waited, refusing to give up on his love. He got to know Daphrose’s children and began to serve as a father figure for them – picking them up from school, helping them with homework, and buying them things they needed. It was when Daphrose saw just how much he loved her children that she finally caved in and acknowledged what she’d secretly known for a long time: she, too, was in love.

Today, Daphrose and Eugène are happily married with an adorable three-year-old son named Manzi. Time spent with them is filled with fun, laughter, and family stories. You can tell how much they take pride in their relationship and enjoy spending time together. Daphrose says: “I love my husband. I love everything about him. We have all the same preferences – like picnics and games.” They have even become role models to other couples in their communities, helping them to see the importance of love, communication, and respect in their relationships.

Sometimes, the best things in life are worth waiting for.