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How To Be A Basket Lady

How To Be A Basket Lady

advice from our creative director

1. Floor Baskets

Because floors need love too. From raffia to banana, lidded to unlidded, we've got your home covered. Use handcrafted floor baskets as extra storage for your linens and blankets, toys for kids, and decorative accents like plants and flowers.

"Floor baskets are my savior when doing a quick tidy (and including the kids in the process). Indego's baskets range from neutral, to lidded, to playful and bright which means I can put them in any room and move them around to hide laundry, toys, magazines, shoes, beach toys, etc."

2. Plateau Baskets

Our take on a traditional Rwandan craft. If you have items in your living room you want to stow away but still keep within reach, look no further than a signature plateau basket you can keep on display. The beauty of these baskets? They can easily transition to bright, colorful wall décor.

"These have been scattered around our home for years and move as our clutter does. Current contents of various plateaus: crayons, unopened mail, and lemons. I'm obsessed with our new plateau stands to display these as art. These allow you to really see the workmanship and design behind each basket. Plus they give you an easy way to add color to any bookshelf, credenza, or table!"


3. Catchall Baskets

Woven catchalls for every surface. They help corral collected items and small objects like keys and jewelry. Make your knick-knacks intentional by styling small, open (& lidded!) baskets on ottomans, tables, the kitchen island, and more.

Our catchalls pull it all together and make moving things around easy and chic (two of my essential traits for home items). Everything in a home should have a spot it lives in and this gives those hard-to-place items a beautiful but functional resting spot.