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Color vs. Neutral

Color vs. Neutral

Does your decor style lean towards colors, neutrals, or somewhere in between? Well you're in luck, our signature collection of artisan-made plateau baskets is sure to have something for your color needs.

 Add Color To Your Space 

Whether you're a lover of all things vibrant or just a pop of color, our multicolored hand-dyed sweetgrass plateaus are just for you! Mix-and-match patterns and sizes to create a unique wall hanging, or add as a statement piece to any desk or table. 


Neutralize Your Space  

Our natural-toned plateaus and our classic black & white styles are a perfect way to neutralize your color scheme. The subtle patterns make for eye-catching additions to your home, office, or any space! 

 No matter the color palette or size you choose (from the mini baskets to the platter size), you can't go wrong with our handwoven plateaus. They are great multifunctional pieces perfect on a blank wall or used as a tabletop catchall.

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