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How To Style: Ceramics

How To Style: Ceramics

Finding a way to decorate your tabletops, shelves, and even your walls can be difficult when you want to save space but still make your home or office look chic and beautiful.

A perfect solution? Our collection of consciously crafted ceramics made by artisans at Gatagara Pottery in Rwanda. All pieces are crafted with natural materials and dyes, shaped by hand, and kiln fired. 

Read below for the simple  — and our favorite — ways you can style Indego Africa’s ceramic collection in your space. 

Display Your Florals

Whether you prefer a neutral hue or a pop of color, our Mini Gatagara Vases are the perfect eye-caching home for your flower arrangements with their hand-glazed finish. 

Clutter Control

Our Gatagara Trinket Dish is just the piece you need to display and contain all of your small jewelry pieces, or miscellaneous desk items.

Mixed Media Pieces

The Uruziga Disc (meaning “circle” in Kinyarwanda) is a go-to multifunctional piece for a small space. Crafted out of ceramic and woven sweetgrass fibers, it is a great wall hanging piece or tabletop platter. 

The Woven Pedestal Vase elevates a space no matter the contents it is holding. With its handwoven and naturally dyed sweetgrass top, this vase is great as a fruit dish, plant holder, or as a standalone piece of art. The choice is up to you! 

These uniquely detailed ceramic pieces are worth making space for in your home.
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