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The Mini Copabu Bowl

The Mini Copabu Bowl

Looking for a chic way to organize your tabletops? Meet Indego Africa's Mini Copabu Bowl! Hand-carved and woven by our skilled female artisan partners, this wooden bowl is perfect for holding fruit in your kitchen or as a catchall on any table or credenza! 

These bowls are made from the local and durable Jacaranda wood found in Rwanda’s Southern Province. Known for its durability and strength, the Jacaranda wood is first dried and cut into smaller blocks, then carved by hand using a range of tools.


The Copabu Bowls feature our signature intricate sisal weaving by our artisan partners in Butare, Rwanda who carefully hand dye locally-grown sisal to create detailed woven designs on the edge of each bowl. 

Each purchase helps us support the integrity of artisan-made goods and create opportunities for the women who make them!