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We're seeing green. 🌱

We're seeing green. 🌱

Jack & Jill Baskets

ZZ plants love low light and infrequent waterings, making them simple (& beautiful) additions to any home!

Raffia Handle Basket

Keep a Snake Plant in your bedroom to improve air quality while you sleep. Pair it with a raffia handle basket to showcase its swordlike leaves.

Olive & Pink Peace Basket

The perfect Philodendron pairing.

Small Braided Raffia Basket

They don't call the Fiddle-Leaf Fig the new "it" houseplant for nothing! Make this beauty the star of any room with a small braided raffia basket.

Mini Handle Basket

Pot your favorite fern in a funky handle basket that adds color and contrast to your greens.

Elephant Ceramic

What better way to display your succulents than with a ceramic elephant planter? Ideal for an office shelf or outdoor deck!