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Since 2007, Indego Africa has been propelling the creation, growth, and sustainability of women-owned businesses in Africa by providing artisans with a global market for their handmade products and investing in their education.


Education Programs

We believe that education is the key to long-term empowerment and social change. That’s why we provide artisan women & young people in Africa with the training they need to build and sustain independent livelihoods.

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Handmade Products

We partner with groups of artisan women in Rwanda & Ghana to create a range of handcrafted products that bring beauty into the world through modern design, time-honored techniques, and genuine artisan skill.


Not your average supply chain

From local, raw materials to handcrafted, finished products - we're supporting the integrity of artisan-made goods and creating opportunities for the women who make them.



We help preserve traditional craft by sourcing natural fibers from the communities where we work.

Local is durable. We strive to be as ethically-responsible and environmentally-friendly as possible in the production of all of our products by sourcing our materials from local markets and farms. We use a range of natural fibers indigenous to the countries where we work like sweetgrass, palm leaf, bolga straw, banana leaf, and organic yarn that’s handspun and hand-dyed using local plant, flower, and vegetable material.


Time-Honored Techniques

We celebrate handmade work by investing in rich cultural traditions and diverse artisan skills.

Craft matters. Each of our products is carefully handcrafted using time-honored, heritage techniques. From raffia-weaving and woodcarving, to hand-embroidery and wool-spinning, we collaborate with our artisan partners to create products that support their incredible talent, showcase the storied history and beautiful craftsmanship of traditional African artistry, and celebrate Indego’s dedication to high-quality, modern design. Our artisan partners take pride in the production of our handcrafted products, and their skill ensures the reliable quality of our brand.


Transparent Partnerships

We’re creating jobs for artisans and educating women & youth across Africa.

Our artisan partners have big dreams and big plans. We invest 100% of our profits into their education because we believe in their ability to achieve (and exceed) their goals. We entrust them with the innovative designs, skills training, and market opportunities they need to start careers and grow their own businesses. It is because of the long-term, transparent relationships we build with our artisan partners, that we can deliver beautiful and consciously-crafted products to customers around the world.


Sustainable Impact

We’re carving out an ethical space for artisans in the retail industry and creating a more sustainable world for all.

Indego is here to stay. We reduce waste in our production process by using recycled (and upcycled) materials, repurposed fabric scraps, and other salvaged textiles across our product lines, we schedule large batch cargo shipments from Africa to New York in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and we pay our partners fair, consistent wages for their work. On average, our partners earn 40% of the wholesale price of our items, vs. 5-10% in traditional retail. That’s enduring impact.


A behind-the-scenes illustration of the values that inspire us every day. Take an inside look at our world of impact, design, and collaboration in Rwanda & Ghana.

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