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Happy International Women’s Day! While we celebrate women every day (because, hello, there’s so much to celebrate!) we wanted to do something extra-special for this year’s #IWD—something that would speak to our mission of women’s empowerment and show our unwavering support for women’s rights around the globe.

Now more than ever, we are committed to fighting for equality, empowerment, and opportunity for women everywhere. Our brand-new, feminism-forward “EMPOWERED.” sweatshirt represents this commitment (and gives you the chance to be part of it too!)

Hand-embroidered by women in Rwanda, our EMPOWERED. sweatshirt is about confidence and independence. It’s about education and equal opportunities. It’s about that feeling you get when you make an important decision, stand up for what you believe in, or make your voice heard. It’s about communities around the world that are stronger, healthier, and safer because women have rights and choices. It’s about strength in solidarity and global sisterhood. It’s about about whatever empowerment means to you.

100% of the proceeds from our EMPOWERED. sweatshirt will be invested into education programs for women in Rwanda and Ghana. When you rep our sweatshirt, you’ll be repping it in spirit alongside these more than 1,000 #bossladies who are becoming leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers in their communities.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, and our new EMPOWERED. product launch, we chatted with some of our amazing partners in Rwanda to hear firsthand what empowerment means to them and how Indego Africa fits into the mix. Here’s what they shared with us: 

“For me, empowerment is the process of working together and learning from other women. It’s the ability to exchange ideas with others and put them into full practice.” – Jacqueline
“Empowerment means being self-confident in doing anything I want and achieving it no matter what the circumstances. Through working with Indego Africa, I have achieved this self-confidence. Today, I can look for a loan to invest in my business. I know how to work with banks and how to manage my income. I pay for my children’s school fees and support the family along with my husband. I now share my opinions freely with other people, while before I was too shy to speak in public.
I can truly say that I am a role model for other women in my community. All of my female friends are happy and proud of me for the changes I’ve made in my life. Empowering women is important because it impacts all of society.” – Anne Marie
“I am an independent woman. I contribute a lot to my family—through Indego Africa orders, I’m able to pay their health insurance, school fees, and other basic needs, whereas before it was only my husband who contributed. Today, I even employ someone to work on my farm and have helped him change his life and his family as well. Empowering women is a radical thing to do, because it helps them increase their self-confidence and lift their families and communities out of poverty.” - Henriette

Three cheers to empowered women, and empowering women, around the globe! To shop our EMPOWERED. sweatshirt, and make a difference in the lives of women in Rwanda & Ghana, click here

Happy, happy International Women’s Day! (~Cue the confetti~)