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How To Style: Trinket Dishes

How To Style: Trinket Dishes

We all have those items around the house and office that need a home of their own. Style the tops of your counters, tables, and desks with some of our favorite handwoven mini baskets and trinket dishes.

These baskets and dishes are more than just decorative pieces that take up space. From the entryway to the office, these handcrafted beauties are a fun and functional way to liven up and organize the nooks in your space that typically get overlooked.

Continue reading for how some of our skillfully made mini baskets and trinket dishes make the ideal storage solutions for your miscellaneous items!


Nowadays, we can’t leave home without our phone, keys, wallet...and face masks! Our larger Ikamba Baskets in black and mauve are a great way to create a designated spot to grab your everyday essentials before you head out the door. Declutter your entryway in style! 



Trinket dishes of all sizes can easily be used to organize all of your small office supplies. Our Mini Raffia Fringe Dish and Mini Ibara Dishes are perfect for all your desk needs. Whether rubber bands, paper clips, erasers and push pins, they can all be perfectly stored in one of these small baskets. 



Your everyday jewelry deserves to be stored in a dish just as beautiful as they are. Our skillfully crafted Cowrie Keepsake Bowl and Mini Neon Plateau are just what you need. These handmade baskets make grabbing your accessories on the go easier than ever!